More Bohol Island

13/03/2008 0 Von andiline

Since I made that prior entry a couple of things have happened: when going back to my room I ordered a Mai-Tai just to have something NICE for a change. I sat outside my room working on a couple of more overwater-pics to upload since I had been asked for that while the Philipp Morris-guys had some team-games going on. That was not too bad but as soon as this was over, the crazy guys got their little cars back out and it was like a formula 1 race. I was getting more desperate any minute since I had booked a QUIET vacation (at least that’s what I thought). On my way back to my room the girls at the front desk had confirmed that there would be a party tonight which would end at 10 PM though. Around 6 PM when I went over to have dinner the music started again and it was so loud that something inside me just snapped. I went to the front desk and told them that I would NOT sleep in that room tonight. The girls were helpless (not the first time I see them helpless) and started to phone around. Finally I was asked to wait for the manager at the bar. When he came he told me that Philipp Morris is here with 480 persons some of whom are staying outside of the resort and that unfortunately there was no other room available for me. I told him that this was already the second night this happened since 3 days ago the same thing happened with the Avon-girls. He offered me to transport me to another location just for sleeping there (without aircon though) and transport me back in the morning. I didn’t really want that. So in the end I had dinner on the house. Still…. this is not the place I had thought I booked and can certainly NOT recommend it (sorry but I am still sort of mad at them that they put me in the wing where the groups are staying in the first place…).

But let’s continue with nicer things. Here are more pics from Bohol over water. This is inside the church…


And this is the saint the sick are praying to (this comes from the time when people still suffered from lepra).


This carriage is used for all sorts of processions…


Continuing our trip we saw this woman working on the palm leaves.


On the way to the chocolate hills we passed through Lomboc for the first time. Janice, my tour guide, told me proudly that not only Pisa does have a crooked tower… 😉


Then we left the coastal road and went into the interior of the island. Along the way at some point we started to see more and more people drying their rice along the road. Janice told me that it is forbidden to do so but nobody cares…they have to be careful since as sonn as it starts raining they have to cover the rice. And it does rain a lot these days.


This man was working in the rice fields with his buffalo.


And this is a typical scene along the road…


Climbing up to the hill from where to see the chocolate hills best I saw this… 😉


And then I could see them… the famous chocolate hills. They all have more or less the same shape and there are more than 1,700 of them. They have no trees on them and if it hadn’t been a little but foggy the ones in the distance would have been better visible.


But I liked the view as well since there were a couple of farms visible from up there.



On the way back towards Lomboc we crossed the the man-made Mahagony-forrest again. It is an impressing forrest since the road seems to be very dark. The trees are not crooked and planted close to each other in order to have them grow slowly.


Then we were back in Lomboc and went to the river for our cruise…


First we had lunch and there was something interesting I wanted to show you: algaes-Salad. The day before I had seen the dive-guys collecting algaes and they were eating it raw….


We saw some beautiful houses in the middle of nowhere…



The forrest along the river was once again very impressing. I sat there and just admired the scenery….


Once we arrived at the waterfall we turned around and went back. Janice later on told me that from the waterfall falls fresh water while the river we were cruising on is salt water. Kids use to take long ropes on the plam trees, swing on it and jump into the water when cruise ships approach. Then they try to reach the boats and climb on them. Not sure if there is any meaning behind since they didn’t ask for money but just watched us.


Once back in Lomboc we went to see the Tarsiers. Unfortunately I don’t have good pics of them since they are rather night creatures and they were protected from light. Using the flash was not an option either… they really look like an child of E.T. and a gremlin… 😀


This is one of the small shops you can see everywhere along the roads….


And here something useful in the mall… 😉


This is called ’shrine‘ to remember when two people had exchanged blood to establish their friendship (I just don’t remember who with whom… 😀 ).


And then we went back to the resort where – once arrived – it started to rain cats and dogs….

Here are three more pics from diving this morning (won’t bore you with more dive-pics today… 😉 ).

This one is a blurry frogfish. I know this pic is a bad one but there was a very strong current on the first dive and I was sooooo proud of myself that I spotted the froggie! 🙂


And here is oneo more nudi-beauty….


This here is flat worm. Never knew worms could be so beautiful.


Will go back to the pigmy seahorses tomorrow morning before I spend the rest of the day just doing nothing (and hopefully relax some since the Philipp Morris guys will leave *wwoohhooo*).

Tomorrow I will post some more beach pics. Haven’t downloaded them yet though since I took them with the other camera.