It’s raining again….

13/03/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, the weather I have here is not quite good (but it was worse last week in Dumaguete). When we came back from diving we could already see the dark grey clouds from the distance. And in fact it started to rain before we got back to our beach.

Once back in my room I heard ’soundcheck, soundcheck‘ and this sounded like another sleepless night for me. These guys from the Philipp Morris-group are driving me crazy. They are soooo loud. I was sitting in my room working on the pics to publish today when three of them started to play with mini-cars. That noise is even worse than a disco. When I get back to my room I might ask at the front desk to get a different room since I dove with two swedish guys this morning and they told me that their part of the ressort is perfectly quiet. And I never sleep (although I am toast at 9 PM) because I have those groups around me and the guys from Philipp Morris seem to be much worse than the avon-girls earlier this week. If I’d be a smoker I would stop now just to give that company no more money to pay their employees trips to beach ressorts! They are easy to spot since they all wear the same t-shirts…

Well, let’s talk about nicer things. Got some overwater pics for you (sorry, but actually I haven’t seen much over water… 😉 ). They are from my island tour yesterday.

Our first stop was at the oldeststone church of the Philippines. It’s been re-built in the 1700’s out of black coral stone. This is the bell-tower.


Jeez, have to come back later, the moscitos start to eat me…