Pics of the last two days…

12/03/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, when I left the business center earlier today they told me that the WiFi connection works even after their business hours and it is free… so I worked on some more pics for your. First of all my favourite. That cutie pygmy seahorse… please remember that it is only as big as the nail of your thumb.


As I wrote earlier, there are different seastars here. They come in all different brown and white colours…


Another lionfish. Before I came to the Philippines I had never seen them move so I thought they would just lie there all the time and wait for their prey. But they CAN move. And how fast….


Isn’t that a white beauty?


And I am a little bit ashamed of telling this but I kept my mouth shut when I saw Rino (my dive guide) putting two pieces of bred in this jacket when we went for the second dive. What followed was that we were surrounded by fish which obviously were waiting for food. Took me a couple of minutes to figure out why they were following us. The first two minutes I even laughed since they were looking in my mask and swimming around my head all the time. But after a couple of minutes it got annoying since they kept me from seeing anything on the reef and when they started to eat my hands I was only mad. They even tried to eat my camera… 😉


These pics are from Balicasaq. I don’t have that many from there since from the beginning of the first dive there was a foggy spot which can be seen on the pics. This is a black beauty I would say…


This one was very small (and I detected it myself!!! 🙂 )


I believe I can fly… *sing*


And here is a big group of barracudas. Unfortunately the housing was very foggy by then and we went up soon after that since water kept coming into the housing and I really didn’t wanna ruin my camera.


Here is a first impression of our beach here in Bohol. 🙂