Last day on Negros already

08/03/2008 1 Von andiline

It is not really believable how fast the 5 days here have gone by. I wanted to finish my vacation here with a dive on the pier (which is famous for frogfish) and the mandarin-fish dive. All started well this morning with the sun finally being out again. But then I heard that an international ship had moored at the pier and for the next 3 days diving is not allowed… 🙁 So we went to the same car wreck dive like yesterday again. It was not nearly as exciting thogh as we had two groups before us which probably shooed the seahorses away. And then I had another dive guide who doesn’t really see much. Diving here is really very much depending on your guide. For the second dive we went to a place where I hadn’t been yet but again the guide didn’t really see much so I had to explore for myself.

After the dives I had arranged for a car to Dumaguete since I hadn’t been out of the ressort since I arrived. Unfortunately I underestimated the time we needed to get there (I thought 20 minutes when it were 45) and I only had 2 hours since I was scheduled for the mandarin fish dive which is at dusk. I would have liked to explore the city a little bit but there was no time… 🙁 At least I was lucky since I arrived at the main cathedral shortly before a wedding and they were waiting for the bride (not sure the groom was already there).

So after only a short time we headed back to the ressort where the last dive made my day. This was so extra-ordinary… mandarin-fish are very shy and it is hard to take pics of them but I got a few good shots. Further to that we saw two nudibranches and only on the pics I saw what they were doing. I do not understand much about the sex-life of nudibranches but I can pretty well see what was going on… 😀 😀 😀

Not many pics today since I am tired to the bone and my ear hurts as well. So I am going to sleep soon. From tomorrow on I will probably post less frequently since I don’t have internet in my room any more (at least I think I don’t).

Two baby ghost pipe fish


A red one…


Not sure what this is but it looked funny (open mouths…).


This is not grass but those are worms.


This shrimp’s name is something with ‚eater‘ in it. Don’t remember it though.


One of the small yellow nudis again. They are so small that my camera was really at it’s limit with the focus.


And here nudisex… guess you can see it as well…. 😀


And here a mandarin fish (looks a little bit like a frog, does he?)


And finally back to earth again… 😉 The flower girls waiting for the bride (bridesmaids in the background).


This looked like some sort of sanctuary. Not sure which saint it is.


Sorry, too tired for more….