Another day in diver’s paradise

07/03/2008 0 Von andiline

When I got up this morning I had hoped for my sunrise at the beach but due to no sun showing up this was cancelled again… Fortunately the weather is not as bad a yesterday but still you can’t really do much (except diving) and even for diving it is not so good since the visibility could be much better. I will not complain though since during my 3 dives today I have seen things I had never know they existed. After the two dives this morning I know as well though that I will not go into the water at a sandy beach without shoes any more… we’ve seen some creatures which are rather creepy. 😀

For the rest my hand is itching like hell since a few of the sting-points got infected. One of the american woman told me this morning that she ended up in the hospital in Dumaguete due to the stings since she is allergic and her hand had swollen like a balloon. It’s not THAT bad for me and I would be really glad to not end up in the hospital during a vacation for once…. 😀 😀 😀 Three dives today are enough though. Since the sun is not shining it is rather cool when you get out of the water and once we’re back on shore I am glad that there are warm showers.

Looks like I will not see anything of the area since there are two more dives I really want to do and it was not possible to do them the past 2 days. And now I am tired….

Pics will follow later when I’ve had another nice warm shower and have warm clothes on. Sheesh, I will have to carry all my sunscreen back home since without sun I don’t need any…. 🙁