Diving Dauin North

06/03/2008 0 Von andiline

When I woke up this morning it was still raining with no signs of any change to that. So I was glad I slept in and skipped the first dive. My hand was itching like crazy from where I’ve been stung yesterday by that jellyfish stuff. At my left hand you can see where a long file has touched… At 10:30 I went on the boat with the others (I think 3 americans and 2 russians) and we went to a dive-site along the beach. Since the water is rather rough I didn’t expect a great dive but I was surprised that again we had a wonderful dive. Have to say that the dive guides here are terrific. Winny and this morning Weng do know where the small stuff is and call us whenever there is something to see which we would never, ever detect (well, at least not me). So I made it a habit to go to them whenever they call us with bangs on the tank and then I make pics and afterwards on the laptop I find out what it was… 😀 And they are patient enough to wait until everybody has taken their pics. Without them I would not have been able to take a lot of the pics you will see later today.

After the morning dive I first wanted to skip the 2 PM dive but then thought that later in the day it would probably be too cold to dive so I changed my mind and went again. This was sort of an adventure dive 😉 since a very strong current had formed along our beach and they had to take the bigger boats out. So in the end we had to get a small boat but it was not easy to climb on it. It’s not like you can climb in directly on the beach but you have to go in the water and it touches my shoulders where we can go on the boat. So we did that and went to the same dive-site as this morning as it was the most protected one in the area. At the site we had to swim over to the bigger boat since our tanks were on that one. Then we went down and although the visibility had worsened since this morning it was again a great dive. I start to wonder if I will see anything of the island of Negros as I am diving all the time… 😀 But there are so many exciting things to see down there that I just can’t stay out of the water….. 🙂 And it was good that I did go on the 2 PM dive since there were no other dives afterwards. The sea just doesn’t allow it.

Pics will follow after dinner. 🙂