Apo Island

05/03/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, this morning I had to get up rather early since departure for Apo Island was at 8 AM. Had breakfast with Jay and Jordan (the two americans) and then we went off to Apo Island. This is an about 40 minutes crossing of the open sea which this morning was easy.

We did 3 dives on Apo Island, two in the morning and the third in the afternoo. I can just say: this was just GREAT!!!! Although during the morning dives we got stung by parts of jellyfish which were swimming in the water. Didn’t see any jellyfish but the hurting files were still around. Since I learned the hard way 2 years ago that this can happen I was glad I stuck to my promise (to myself) never to dive with a shorty again. Got stung at the hands and the feet though. Jay got it directly in his face. He wasn’t too happy about it since we didn’t have any vinegar on board.

The dives itself were great. Apo Island these days should be adult zone only since most of the nudibranches we saw were mating. One of the dive guides told me that when they mate they get both pregnant. And then we saw beautiful red anemone fish in red anemones. Lots of nudbranches, more stonefish, lots of smaller fish, star fish again.. there was so much to see and all of our dives were longer than one hour since we were not really deep (max. was 20 metres/about 60 ft).

Had lunch on the boat near a beach on Apo Island. Women are selling t-shirts there and we got a discount since Jay, Jordan and I took one each. I wanted to walk around a little bit and take pictures as I had brought my DSLR-camera but getting off the boat was not easy and so I left the camera on board. Turned out that it was a wise decision since on the way back I slipped. Took some pics from the boat though.

The way back to the hotel was not really a pleasant one since the water’s gotten rough. We got wet (we had all left the wetsuits on) but in the end we all wore our masks as well as we permanently got water in our faces. Was better to endure with the mask on. We must have looked funny… 😀  😀  😀

Will post some pics later on. Right now I have to go to dinner…