Small world….

04/03/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, the day started bad since last night I had one of my worst nights ever. I couldn’t sleep and I had a headache which was killing me. So this morning I was not really sure if I should go diving or not. When I talked to my divemaster for today it turned out that on the first dive I was alone so we agreed on doing a shallow dive and going up if my head would explode even more under water. But it went okay and although my head still hurt it was not soo bad that we had to go up.

First thing we saw when we came down was a very tiny yellowish frog fish. He was clearly visible in the dark sand. Then we went on and saw lots of other fish and coral reef and and and… at one point there was a big grouper which I take a pic of (of course) and I was rather proud that I detected a stonefish that was very hard to see. Unfortunately the visibility was not really great so Itook less pics than I might otherwise have taken.

After that dive I skipped the second dive and spent the next hours in my hammock. At 2 PM I felt better and went out diving with a swedish girl and one english and one american guy. We went to another place and this time we saw (among other things) a beautiful firefish and a nudibranch. There was a big turtle swimming around but it was too far away for a pic and the barracuda fled before we reached him. 🙂

After we were back at the ressort I talked to the american guy while washing our dive gear and I told him about the waterfalls. Then I mentioned ‚this reminded me of river tubing in Texas‘. He was immediately alert and asked ‚Where did you go?‘ ‚San Marcos‘ And it turned out that he has lived in San Marcos for a couple of years and probably knows Scott who was hosting the parties during the river tubing weekend… small world… 😀 😀 😀

Pics will have to wait till later since they do have a biologist here at the ressort and today he will tell us something about frogfish. I wanna go since I missed the meeting yesterday (was about critters).