04/03/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, since my head started throbbing again I didn’t make it to the frogfish presentation. 🙁 Went to dinner early since I hadn’t had lunch. It was nice to be close to the waves hitting on the beach (the restaurant of the ressort is at the beach). They do have an interesting menue here. With an italian touch but still interesting. Tonight I had a minestrone soup (vegetable) with one slice of baguette bread which had small slices of parmesan cheese in it. Afterwards I had two pieces of pork on a crepe filled with pumpkin. Interesting combination (and good!). While having dinner I watched some divers on a night dive. You could only see the light in the water. Then it started to rain but I didn’t care since I was sitting under an umbrella anyway… 😀

And here are some dive pics. I still have to get used to my camera. The pics are not as sharp as I would like them to be… 🙁

First the frogfish. Please note that he was the size of about half a finger:


Twins… 😉


Not sure what the name of this fish is… but he did hide well. 🙁


Firefish (Jay, the american, saw a firefish the size of a basketball during that dive – I didn’t see that one).


You see the stone-fish?


There were several blue starfish. Liked them… and only on this pic did I see that this one had dots on it…


And here you can see my hammock. It’s hidden behind the palm tree… 😉


And tomorrow we will be off to Apo Island which is said to be one of the best dive spots in the world. I’ve read that there are nice beaches on it as well so I will probably take both my cameras. Have to cover the DSRL well though since the waters can get rough (and we will get wet) on the way back…. I am just thankful that someone was so intelligent to invent ZipLoc-bags… 😀