Raiatea and pics

28/09/2007 0 Von andiline

Well, good morning. As my lagoon tour this morning didn’t happen as I was the only one who booked it I was able to resize some pics for you. They are not in the order I wanted them to be though. First I have two more whales for you:

wal4.jpg wal3.jpg

The cemetry of Raiatea doesn’t want to move down any more so here it is:friedhofraiatea.jpg Haven’t seen anything like this before, it really impressed me!

And a shark in Raiatea: raiateahai.jpg

View from my bed in the ovrewater bungalow:raiateadeck.jpg

And my view on the lagoon wo nights ago when the moon was full: fullmoonraiatea.jpg

And then Huahine from the plane…


Further than that I have not much to tell… went snorkelling this morning on the reef below my bungalow and was surprised how many different fish there are….

I will probably be out of touch for a week now so if I don’t post till then… just offline. 🙂