27/09/2007 0 Von andiline

Well, after an uneventful flight I could see the lagoon of Huahine shortly before we landed in Raiatea. It’s overwater bungalow time!!!!!! My bungalow is all I’ve dreamed of. I have my own deck with chairs and access to the water (and shower). Yesterday was full moon and the moonlight glimmered in the lagoon. It was absolutely fabulous (one of the best things is that there are nearly no moscitos on the water – while they are pestering me again as I type).

The hotel is not bad and prices are not so bad either. The food is just too much, I can’t eat all ot it…. yesterday evening there was a polynesian show and there was one boy, maybe 6 years old who danced like a little devil. His face was priceles….

Went diving this morning but snorkelling in the lagoon is not bad either… at night I can see the fish underneath the bungalows in the light.

I will leave you with this for today. No pics today, but I just see that there is an USB slot on this machine here. So maybe tomorrow…

Have to get back to my bungalow to enjoy it… 🙂