Moorea and pics

25/09/2007 0 Von andiline


Well, finally I have some pics for you as I am in the internet cafe and have my own laptop with me…. Above you see one of the humpback pics. Here is another one…


I have many more and even better ones… This is just a teaser….

And here are two pics from Moorea.

overwater.jpg moorea.jpg

Have many more pics but no time to work on them…. 🙂

Yesterday evening I watched the sunset and went back to my room it was suddenly full of insects. I took my flip flops and killed them. Then I had a shower and when I came out of it my room was full of the insects again (like flying ants). It was absolutely and utterly disgusting as I had them crawling everywhere and on me too… didn’t like that. When I came back from dinner they were gone though. The diver in the bungalow next to mine told me this morning that he had lots of them as well….

Went on a jeep tour this morning as I wanted to see some more of Moorea but it was raining and therefore it was not as nice as it might have been otherwise. For lunch I had visitors from Germany whom I met on a board in the internet as well while planning the trip and Elke and I had exchanged information in the past months… was nice chatting with them.

Spent the afternoon reading as on the beach there are too many flies and moscitos and the beach in front of my hotel as not really nice anyway… sun was not out most of the time anyway… then I went to take some more pics of the ‚village‘ I am staying in… 😉

Well, that’s it for today but at least I have some pics for you… 🙂