Moorea day 2

24/09/2007 0 Von andiline

Only a short entry today… I wouldn’t have thought I would ever write that but I find Moorea somehow boring. The lagoon is very beautiful when it sparkles in the sun and the colours are absolutely amazing but still – it is boring… Went diving again this morning and we saw lemon sharks. When I was busy filming a turtle I suddenly had a diver in front of my cam and was sort of pissed off because he had seen me there. Only later on the others told me that a humpback mother and her calf had passed by but I was so busy with the turtle that I didn“t see them… 😀 There were some small sharks which were nibbling at our wetsuits every now and then. After the first dive there was a huge barracuda below the boat and even though I“ve not been afraid of anything in the water so far – this barracuda made me uncomfortable as it was close to our ladder and it was about 1,5 metres (4-5 feet ) long…..

Hope to be able to post some pics tomorrow as there is an internet cafe nearby where you can use your own laptop but I haven’t found it open yet and today is sunday and on Moorea everything is closed.