Last full day on Easter Island

16/09/2007 0 Von andiline

Well, yesterday when I left the internet cafe I was lucky again as exacly in that moment a parade (or procession – not sure) came by. The parade was with lots of children and I think they did some Rapa Nui tradition as there were the birdmans but chilenean traditional costumes as well. The girls with the costumes were dancing. Wanted to upload pics here but looks like my provider is doing maintenance so I am not able to right now… 🙁

Then I went back to the hotel and got ready for the show. It was first a Rapa Nui show and then we had ‚Umu‘ a traditional Rapa Nui (Easter Island) meal where fish, meat, pork, chicken and vegetables are cooked for several hours in the ground. The show was interesting and I was fascinated by the faces of the guys who made the music. You could see that they had their heart in it. The girls were dancing (and of course the male spectators took lots of pics… 🙂 ).

After the show we went outside where dinner was still cooking and watched while they got it out of the earth. Each layer was separated by banana leaves. Dinner was really good and I had lots of fun with Hugh (another diver) from London, sarah from New York state and Pete from New Foundland. Around 11 we got in a taxi and went home….

This morning was the first morning I had to be woken up by my alarm clock. After breakfast – breakfast by the way is always too much for me to eat: bread, cake, fruit, cheese, ham, marmelade, juice and coffee. Fruit, marmelade, juice and cake change each day. Well, after breakfast I went to the dive shop again and as my foot looked nearly normal again (can even wear shoes again… 😀 ) I went diving. It was the BEST dive I had so far. The other divers were a nightmare (I had constantly some feet in my face) but the dive was great. Cristian, the guide , is one of the best guides I ever had. Thanks to him I got some good pics of 2 dragonfish and a giant lobster. I hadn’t been too happy with the pics of the first two dives but those from today wer much better. The visibility was incredible again and I absolutely loved it.

After diving I want to take some more pics of Hanga Roa as finally the weather is better. Went to a shop where I bought some souvenirs (not many though – have to think about the weight of my suitcase). And then I just tried to get some tan… (and worked on some pics to upload them but I am not able to do it right now (I hate my provider… 🙁 ).