Easter Island….

12/09/2007 2 Von andiline

Schwesterherz, hab gestern in Vina del Mar ein Segafreddo-Cafe fuer Dich fotografiert… ist doch nett von mir, oder? 😉

Okay, after an uneventful flight I landed in Easter Island around noon. At the airport in Santiago it was strange that the only thing I had to do at security, was to put my bags on the belt and that was it… no hassle about liquids in the carry-on luggage…. in the plane I had a school-class and as they had the german flag on one arm of their jackets I asked one of them for the meaning. He told me they were a class from a german school in Chile…. 🙂

In Hanga Roa all inhabitants were at the airport (at least it looked like… 🙂 ). When finally my suitcase showed up I found the guy who brought me to my hotel after having put flowers around my neck. My hotel is very simple but has a nice pool in a tropical garden and there is some artwork I really like (e.g. one wall covered by a painting of a humpback whale).

After having settled in I went for the first walk around the village and I absolutely love Easter Island (was kind of love at first sight). Everything is so green, all houses have tropical gardens and there are flowers I have never seen before. Near the Moais at the beach, horses were peacefully strolling around…. GREAT!!! Some of the houses remind me of the Seychelles, the gardens there are similar…

I will go on a tour around the island tomorrow and diving the day after. Not sure I will be able to post every day from now on and not sure about pics either…. so just check every now and then.

Andrea 🙂