On the way back from Faroer I stayed in Copenhagen for three nights. Since our flight our of Faroer was early I had all afternoon to explore Copenhagen. The next day it was marathon so I went over to Sweden (pics of Malmö are already in the latest blog entry) and the weather had substantially gotten better by then. The third day I went on the hop on-hop off tour even though I walked a lot of the way between the stops anyway… here are some impressions from Copenhagen.Read More →

The last two days were already there… on day 6 we got up at 2:30 AM and left the hotel at 3 AM to catch the sunrise – which didn’t really happen. Around 3:30 we were stopped in a tunnel and our tour guide had to do an alcohol test. When we told the police-guy that we were hoping for some sun (I mean – we were trying to get pics of a SUNRISE). For a moment he looked at us as if he was about to send us to a mental hospital, then he started to laugh and said ‚Sun? Why did you comeRead More →

No, I haven’t forgotten day 2 – actually arrival day counts as day 1 so I didn’t skip anything. Now we have days 3-5. The first day we went on a 3.5 km hike to the slave-rock. The name comes from the fact that vikings have been said to push slaves off the clives. Walking over was beautiful so I did stop every now and then just to take in the landscape. Once up on the cliff we needed to be careful not to go too close to the edge because if you are going over – then that was it. The lake you canRead More →

We arrived at Faroer with relatively good weather. So after having gone to the hotel (which was about a 1 h drive from the airport) we checked in, had an early dinner and then we went out again for the first foto session. The next morning we got up to have breakfast at 9 and we left the hotel at 11. First stop was a waterfall, second were some nice typical houses (abandoned), then a picturesque village and then a very iconic sight for sunset. Which turned out good but the sunset itself didn’t really happen. 🙁 Long day, only hotdogs at the gas stationRead More →

So…. I had booked that foto-workshop on Faroer Islands. Faroer Islands had been on my wishlist for a while so I finally just booked the workshop. Not sure what to expect. I know the mentor though and I know that he is a big teddy bear who thinks that women take ‚yummy‘ pics and during his workshop trips he wants the participants to take posters. Let’s wait and see. Not sure I will get a lot of sleep during the week but I have a small hope for northern lights… we will have to wait and see what is going to happen… 😉Read More →