No, I haven’t forgotten day 2 – actually arrival day counts as day 1 so I didn’t skip anything. Now we have days 3-5. The first day we went on a 3.5 km hike to the slave-rock. The name comes from the fact that vikings have been said to push slaves off the clives. Walking over was beautiful so I did stop every now and then just to take in the landscape. Once up on the cliff we needed to be careful not to go too close to the edge because if you are going over – then that was it. The lake you can see is about 100 m above sealevel and up on the cliff you are 142 m above sealevel. We intended to stay till sunset but then around 6 PM clouds started to roll in so we left as we still had to hike back. On the way back we saw an asian wedding couple coming over… she in her white bridal gown – 3 km through the mud… that can’t have been fun. Not sure she was able to use it after that hike because we were lucky to be back at the car when it started to rain – they weren’t. That day we had dinner in one of the few small restaurants where they opened a small room only for us because all regular tables had been booked already.
The next day we knew that the weather wasn’t likely to be good but we tried. First we went to Saksun which is a very picturesque spot. But shortly after we arrived it started to rain hard so we gave up and went to Torshavn, the capital of the Faroer Islands. We strolled around some, took pics and then had something to eat and drink. After that we went over to a small gorge. Since it was still raining we looked for shelter and took some pics from where we were dry. When I went back to the car I saw that we had some reddish clouds from sunset so we went over to the edge of the main land and took some more pics.
Day 5 was not a good one photowise. We knew that this would probably be the worst day weather wise. So we went to a little village to take pics of a waterfall but it was so windy that the water flew up instead of falling down. Then it started to rain again and we left to go to a different spot. While driving along the sea we saw several ‚dust devils‘ (but water) form on the water. I have never seen anything like this. Once arrived at our destination there was no way we could take pics. The wind was about 9-10 beaufort in gusts and one of the others had difficulties to get back to the van as the wind was blowing her away….

So here is an assortion of pics from these 3 days.