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Edithburg Jetty….

When I woke up this morning around 6 it was raining hard… and I was cold… so after about 2 hours I was at the point to say ‚Let’s just return to Adelaide’… Dan came to get me at 9 … Weiterlesen

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What happens on my leafy-dive? I get seasick… :(

So this morning at 9 I was at the dive-shop where I met Dan who is my company for the weekend. We drove about 2 hours north to go south again. Actually we can see Adelaide from here in the … Weiterlesen

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Imam Vanuatu and Hello Australia

Well… it was a bit sad to leave Vanuatu but all vacation end sooner or later. Two last pics from there (not sure where the pics are that I made from the plane leaving Tanna). The first one is a … Weiterlesen

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