29/04/2017 0 Von andiline

Tomorrow morning I will take the train to go to Lüttich/Liege in Belgium. It is one of the three stops on my way to Paris. And most of the time when we stop there I think that I should take a trip to explore this city. I have been there only once about 25 years ago for a swimming competition (I didn’t swim, I was a referee) but I don’t think I saw a lot of the city and I think the city is not really that nice anyway. But I don’t really remember that trip. I read an article recently though that the city had much improved. When I investigated on foto-pages most of the pics were from the train-station Liege-Guillemins. So it seems to be a given that I have to put in a foto-session there. But I am sure I will find some really nice places too… my list of geocaches to find there is really long and my experience from Iceland (where my friends were doing this) is that most of the times the caches lead you to places that you would never have found without geo-caching. So I am really curious… 🙂