And again we got up early although the weather forecast was not too good. The first stop of the day was at Seljalandsfoss, another beautiful waterfall. When we arrived there we were not alone but the big busses had not yet arrived so it was possible to take some pics without people in it. And after a while I could see on my pics that the rising sun was painting the clouds above the water. I DO like the pics from that. 🙂
Then I walked over to smaller waterfalls but didn’t really like it because school classes were following me and the smaller waterfalls were not as picturesque. Once we were finished Susanna needed to get more geo-caches (which was not a problem since most of the times we detected really nice places where they were hidden). 🙂 So we went to another smaller waterfall which was quite nice. We had a good view over the plain and the sun was shining. But even without knowing in which direction we were heading I would have known it: the one with the dark grey clouds. 🙁 So we stopped again in Selfoss at Kaffihuus Kruug which has wonderful cakes *yumm*After that while looking for another geo-cache we finally found a restaurant that cooks with geothermal heat. I had seen in films that people were baking bread in the ground but didn’t really know where exactly that had been filmed. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed.
Then we stopped at Urridafoss but by then it was raining hard again and I couldn’t take the pic I would have liked. We drove on along the coast which at some point was lava covered by green moss. Then we stopped at a geothermal area where large steam-clouds came out of the earth. At the coast behind we were waiting for the sunset (which didn’t come) and it was very stormy there. I love it when waves are hitting on rocks…
After that as a conclusion of my vacation in Iceland we went to the bridge between America and Europe. Since in Iceland the continental plates of America and Europe are meeting we went over to the Americas and back (in two minutes 😀 😀 😀 ).
Then we went to our hotel and were assigned an unmade room. When we complained that the room was not ready and with dirty towels we were assigned another one. Only to get company later when other people got assigned the room that we were in… bit weird that hotel. 😉 We went for another dinner at Kaffihus Duus and that was a nice finish of my Iceland vacation. Stuffed chicken breast… btw. that restaurant offers mink whale too. I didn’t want to eat that though.
And that was my week in Iceland. I had a wonderful time although the weather didn’t really cooperate. And we were disappointed that we didn’t get to see any northern lights which was why we went there in the first place. But I have learned now that next time I go back to Norway to see northern lights… 😉 Apart from that Iceland has wonderful places although usually they are too crowded. Go early in the morning or late in the day if you want pics with nobody in them…

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