Iceland day 5

Once again the weather forecast was not that good but we intended to walk over to the DC3-plane wreck. It is one of the most famous sights in Iceland and we wanted to go early to take pics of the sunrise there. Fortunately our hotel served breakfast at 7 AM already so we ate and then we were off to the parking lot of the plane. It is a 3.5 km walk through a lava-landscape. Straight ahead and rather boring. It was cold, it was drizzling and it was dark… there are nicer past-times when you are on vacation… 😉 But the wreck was well worth it. Once again we didn’t have a sunrise but after a while it stopped raining and the clouds opened up so we had that wonderful landscape with the mountains in the background. We were very happy to have the wreck to ourselves for one hour before the next tourists arrived. On our way back to the car the line of tourists walking over never stopped but that didn’t bother us any more since we had our pics… 🙂
From there we went back towards Vik to a basalt cave and the black beaches. The waves on these beaches are impressing (and dangerous). People tend to ignore the warning signs and go too close to the water. One bigger wave and they are in serious trouble. We knew that only one week before we flew to Iceland a german woman had drowned there (her family was able to get out of the water and save themselves but she was not so lucky). But to be honest: I found the waves rather scary so I would never go too close to the water anyway (even without knowing about the danger). Then we went over to Vik and had lunch there in a Kaffeehus again. I think I had a pizza which was actually very good. And then we drove back towards our hotel because it was raining again and then Susanna wanted to go for another of her geo-caches close to our hotel.

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