Iceland day 4

We left early again but at least that day we treated ourselves to breakfast before we left. ūüėČ The plan was to drive to the black beach at Jokulsarlon for sunrise but then suddenly we saw the full moon rising over the mountain range and the spot was so beautiful that we stopped and stayed there for the sunrise.

Once the sun was up we continued to Jokulsarlon and when we arrived at the beach we couldn’t believe our eyes. Over night a big part of the glacier must have broken off because not only the lagoon-lake and the river were full of ice but the beaches were covered by thousands of ice-blocks too. It was incredible (and incredibly sad to think how much of thousands of years-old ice is not melting…). Of course we stopped to take lots and lots of pics. The size of the ice-blogs looks much smaller than it is in reality…

After that we stopped shortly at Fjällsjökull again but the mirror effect was gone because the water was frozen. Then we continued our way towards Vik where the weather again was not so nice. Cloudy and when we arrived at the Skogafoss waterfall (where we had a hotel for another two nights) it was slightly raining again.

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