Sorry, I am really busy these days but I hope to get all missing days from Iceland up today. So here is day 3. The weather forecast indicated that it might be the best and only sunny day during our whole week so we decided to get the fullest we could get. Meaning getting up at 6 AM, no breakfast and taking pics with the ice blocks at the beach of Jokulsarlon lagoon. We arrived there around 7 AM. It was dark, it was cold so we stayed in the car to wait for the sun to rise… only the sun didn’t rise. So we got out of the car to play around with the ice blocks during blue hour. Then we saw a an ice-berg coming down the river from the lagoon so we went to the river to wait for it to flow by. But it was stuck before the bridge. Instead we observed seals and birds playing in the river… they always swam upriver and then let the current carry them down again. I didn’t really know what to expect from the black beach with the ice but that day it didn’t really impress me (but it is one of the most famous places in Iceland…). Little did I know that I’d be totally awestruck the next day… 😉 We went to the other side of the bridge to take a few pics of the ice-berg and the ice-free lagoon then we headed towards a waterfall that my friend Susanna really wanted to see. Since Susanna does geo-caching we made a short detour which turned into a major foto-session because we found Fjallsjakull-lagoon which was sooooo beautiful that we just couldn’t get enough of the view. It was one of these places where I actually take my time to just enjoy the beauty of the place. The lagoon was very still (no wind) so the glacier was mirrored in the water. It was just breathtakingly beautiful. The first panorama-pic is from that lagoon.

From there we drove further south towards Skaftafell and the Svattifoss-Waterfall. During the drive the sun came out and we were awarded with the view of snow-covered mountain ranges. It was wonderful…. We stopped at the tourist center and then walked up to the Svattifoss-waterfall which is the only one with basalt-pillars. From up there we had a wonderful view over the plane as well. Once we got down we walked over to another glacier tongue which was quite majestic too. Then we left and were looking for a place to wait for northern lights to show up. We ended up at yet another glacier tongue where we took some pics at blue hour. Once it was dark we drove away to where the road was in the open so we wouldn’t miss the northern lights behind mountains. The problem was that there were no northern lights and clouds started to come up. So finally we reluctantly decided to leave. We went back to our hotel, packed, payed and were ready to head out early again the next morning…. here some pics of the day

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