This morning we got up early again, full of the spirit to explore Iceland. And what did we find? Weather, weather, weather… In fact it was raining as hard as yesterday, only the storm had lessened a bit. So we were not sure what to do because we didn’t have a lot of options in the rain. Without rain it would probably have been a wonderful day but with this weather… I don’t really want to complain because vacation is still better than sitting in the office but when you are on vacation you would like to see where you are. With all the rain and fog it was not possible to see that much. So we went north towards the ‚city‘ of Höfn where we chased some geo-caches and pokemons. I took some pics there but whenever we left the car we got really wet.
From there we decided to drive around the lagoon because there is a wonderful mountain range called Vestrahorn. You will see a pic of it on the pics. 😉 I mean, I DID take a pic of the Vestrahorn too – you just don’t see it! 😉 😀 In Stokksnes (which is at the bottom of the Vestrahorn) we saw the Viking Cafe and from there we went towards the lighthouse. As the waves were still going strong I finally had one dream come true: take pics of a lighthouse with the waves crashing as high as the lighthouse. But as you can see on the pics we were a bit far away (the lighthouse itself is closed off and we couldn’t get closer). From there we thought about what to do and started to take some side-roads to maybe see glaciers… no luck there. We found hot springs where people were bathing. But for me the thought that you had to get out of them and it was wet and cold… enough to kill the desire to go in…
Finally we were back at the hotel by 4 because we decided that it didn’t make sense to go anywhere else in that weather. Keep your fingers crossed because the forecast is saying that it is supposed to stop tonight…

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  1. I’m enjoying your trip so far! Even though it is rainy, you still manage to get some beautiful pictures.

  2. Schade, dass Ihr so ein Wetter habt. Drücke die Daumen, dass es morgen endlich besser wird.
    Die „Leuchtturmwelle“ kann man immerhin erahnen!

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