Dinner in Singapore….

Dinner in Singapore….

30/10/2016 1 Von andiline

Well, I better finish with my report of my vacation. 🙂 On the way back from Adelaide I had a 9 hour layover in Singapore. It is boring to spend that much time in the transit area although Changgi-Airport is one of the most entertaining and interesting to be at. So I contacted Jim whom I had met in Raja Ampat 5 years ago and he came to get me at the airport when I arrived from Adelaide. We went into the city to the Marine Bay Sands-Building and took the elevator up there. After some sightseeing we went to the restaurant to get a drink and start to catch up. It was of course good to chat again. Then we went down and met Jim’s wife Meredith whom I hadn’t met yet and we went to have dinner at an italian place. The focus of these short hours in Singapore was of course to catch up and hang out so I don’t have that many pictures (and they are dirty – I know – but my sensor is clean again now 😉 ). Thank you, Jim and Meredith, for taking the time to get me at the airport and meet with me. It was good to see you both and I hope it won’t be another 5 years till we meet again. 🙂

After dinner they brought me back to the airport where I waited for my flight. Premium Economy was nicer than Economy again and like on the flight from Adelaide to Singapore the seat next to me was empty. I had some major stress at the train station in Frankfurt because I didn’t find the button for printing pre-paid tickets on the ticket machine. In Cologne it is on the first page but in Frankfurt I didn’t find it. I was in a hurry because I wanted to catch the next train and had only a few minutes. So into the ‚Service area‘ where the woman in the booth that freed up next put a sign ‚this booth is closed‘ (I was about to shout at her)… with some luck, a delayed train and running with about 50 kg of luggage I finally caught the train and then of course once again there was no space to store the luggage. I know that I am cynical but it never ceases to amaze me that Germain Railway obviously does not expect travellers to have big suitcases… 🙁

And then I was back home… after 4.5 weeks of interesting and wonderful days… 🙂

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