Although I am already back home I still need to post pics of the ‚Adelaide‘-stop above water. You will find pics from the stop in Edithburg and then Adelaide. I was somehow no longer enthusiastic about seeing new places… guess it was a lot that I have seen over the weeks and there is only so much the brain can process. But I definitely would like to go back to South Australia and dive some more there. Here are the pics… next and last pics from the trip will be from Singapore where I had a 9 h-stop and friends came to get me at the airport to spend some time together and catch up. And yes, the sensor of my cam was still dirty but I already brought it to a shop to be cleaned today…

img_5669 img_5672 img_5674 img_5682 img_5685 img_5688 img_5692 img_5694 img_5696 img_5722 img_5738 img_5753 img_5760 img_5765 img_5780 img_5782 img_5783 img_5786 img_5791 img_5794 img_5806 img_5811 img_5816 img_5826 img_5828 img_5830 img_5834 img_5838 img_5845 img_5853 img_5859 img_5861 img_5870 img_5872 img_5876 img_5879

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