Arrived safely in Adelaide but I think I won’t ever again take an airport shuttle where I can’t decide the pick-up time myself. They picked me up 2 hours before departure time but then someone else still needed to be picked up. And then it was friday and we were stuck in the weekend-rush hour. Shuttle services should know that…. I arrived at the airport with less than one hour to go and the lines at the drop-off were long. 🙁 At security a guy asked me if I was OK because I looked stressed out… I had thought to eat at the airport before departure but there was not time. Arrived at the gate with a few minutes to go before boarding. 🙁
After two hours we landed in Adelaide where the sun was setting and the sky was red. Beautiful. Arrived at my hotel/serviced residence around 8:30 PM – and most shops were already closed and there weren’t that many people on the streets any more. After the hustle and bustle in Sydney I hadn’t expected that…
Now I will probably be off till tomorrow evening, not sure I will have internet tonight.

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