Stormy day at Bondi beach

Stormy day at Bondi beach

13/10/2016 0 Von andiline

Yesterday when I started thinking about what to do I checked the weather forecast first. And the reason why I did the whale watching yesterday was the forecast of the wind…. So this morning I decided to do the Hop-On/Hop Off-thing to Bondi Beach. I am not usually a fan of the Hop on/hop off-tours and today just confirmed that again. Would have been cheaper to take a normal bus and it wouldn’t have made a big difference…

I had been to Bondi-beach only once on my first visit to Sydney (2002? don’t remember the year) and was not too impressed then. So for today I thought I would go, spend half an hour and then go somewhere else. But when I arrived the ocean was in total uproar and I can watch waves crash against rocks for hours and hours…. so I went on the hike to the next beaches but I saw rain clouds coming in so after a while I turned around to be back at Bondi before the rain hit. It started to drop a bit when I was mostly there but when I went to a cafe to have lunch the rain came down hard. But not for long… all in all I spent more than three hours there. It was totally fascinating. I was just confused because no surfers were out. I always thought they were waiting for big waves so for them it should have been paradise today. On one of the pics there is the red Cologne cathedral… it wanted to go to the beach too… 😉

It started to get cold and the rain kept coming back so I took the bus back to town. For a while I was upstairs but then it started to rain again and I went downstairs. The main thing we did on the Hop on/Hop off bus was – being stuck in traffic… since the bus didn’t stop so you could take pics I don’t really see the big advantage of it. To get a first overview this might be helpful but other than that…

Back in my appartment again and feeling a bit cold again. Will do some washing tonight as tomorrow evening I am flying out to Adelaide and once there I won’t have time for anything… (probably not even blogging…). 🙂 And the pics are somehow in the wrong order (first is correct but then it starts from the end 🙁 )
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