Hanging around in Sydney…

So this morning when I woke up my throat was hurting and my sinusses were not working well either so I decided with a heavy heart to cancel today’s dives. The thing is… we had a clear blue sky yesterday but the wind was VERY cold. So it had not been a good idea to sit in the wet clothes between the dives without even a towel to protect my body. If I would fly home from Sydney I would have gone diving but that is not what I am going to do… well… as sad as it was I still think it was the right decision.
I had another day ‚off‘ then so I thought about what do to do today. My friend Marli from Toronto suggested Whale watching which was something I had already thought about anyway. Checking the weather forecast I saw that tomorrow the wind is supposed to be at least double of what we had today so I checked the lefleats that I had already taken and found one at 1:15 PM. I left the hotel at 9:45 and walked towards Circular Quay where you find the Opera and Harbour Bridge too. The sky was clear but the wind was a bit chilly. I want around for a bit to take pics (with dust on them – sorry again, have to have the sensor cleaned when I get home). And then sat next to the Opera to just enjoy myself, the sun and life in general… shortly before I had to get on the boat for whale watching I saw a plane writing a marriage proposal in the sky. I hope TT said yes…. 😉
Since it was already lunch time I bought a toast and while eating walked towards the quai. What I hadn’t realized was that the seagulls are VERY aggressive… one of them came from behind (even touched my hair) and got part of my toast that I was holding in my hand while eating. Damn birds… 🙁
Once on the water it was fun. We went out of the harbour and then the waiting game began… looking for whales. I had heard that they were breaching these days but once again they seem to do that only when I am not arround. 🙁 We found some humpbacks but it wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped. I have pics of whales in front of Manly Beach but they didn’t come up in front of the skyline of Sydney city and they didn’t breach at all. *hmpf*
So we went to check out some seals… anyone has a drone that went missing? The seals had one… 😀 😀 😀
After the whale watching tour was over I went to Darling Harbour with the boat and then back to the hotel. Don’t know yet what I will do tomorrow. We will see…. 🙂 now instead of cooling the appartment I am actually heating it up. Way too cold but it is barely spring here so I shouldn’t complain I guess 😉
The pics include the ones from 2 days ago…

img_4833 img_4842 img_4847 img_4853 img_4856 img_4867 img_4874 img_4882 img_4890 img_4900 img_4908 img_4915 img_4925 img_4927 img_4945 img_4947 img_4956 img_4972 img_4974 img_4975 img_4982 img_5004 img_5008 img_5010 img_5017 img_5027 img_5043 img_5064 img_5081 img_5106 img_5113 img_5118 img_5120 img_5128 img_5135 img_5143 img_5169

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