30/08/2015 1 Von andiline

So, this week I had to go to Zurich again on business. Since the weather forecast was good I had the camera with me on the way to and from the office. Unfortunately I was too tired in the evenings to go and take a lot of pics (apart from the fact that I usually left the office late). Here are some pics… there is a lot of constructions going on in Zurich these days. It blew up some of my routines as I couldn’t cross the streets where I usually do… Visibility in the distance was great as well so it was possible to see the glaciers at the opposite site of the lake.  They are not usually visible as Zurich is mostly a bit foggy in the mornings and evenings.

IMG_2867 IMG_2869 IMG_2878 IMG_2888 IMG_2912 IMG_2919 IMG_2930 IMG_2933 IMG_2943 IMG_2948 IMG_2968 IMG_2972 IMG_3000 IMG_3003 IMG_3013