Trip planning

22/03/2015 0 Von andiline

Before I am going to pack my stuff for my trip to Zurich tomorrow here is some news about trips… I already have plans for 2016… 😀 I have never been THAT early before… 🙂 But the rest of 2015 will be fun as well. At the end of April I will fly to Ireland for one week. In June I’ll do my usual 10 days in Sardinia. In August I will go on my traditional dive-weekend in the Netherlands with my friend Katrin (but we will meet a dutch couple I met in Norway in January too) and in October I will go back to Lembeh. Only this time I will go on a tour in South Sulawesi first. I have always wanted to go to Toraja-Land so this is going to happen this year. After that I will fly up to the North and get my Lembeh-fix.

Next year I will go back to Norway in January to finally get my underwater-orca pics. 🙂 And then in July the plan is to fly to Canada to snorkel with beluga whales and look for polar bears. I hope to meet some old friends along the way (haven’t seen them since North Carolina in 2008) and then fly over to British Columbia and go diving there. Diving in British Columbia has been one  of my dreams and I hope it will come true next year. 🙂

And 2017…. I might go back to Vanuatu… 😉