Trip to Paris

04/03/2015 0 Von andiline

Yes, I know… there should have been more pics from carnival as we had the parades on sunday and monday. But… I felt bad on sunday and went to sleep right after the parade had finished. On monday I had to get up because I expected friends and two of them had leg-/foot-injuries and without me they wouldn’t have been able to watch the parade. You just can’t do that to someone from Cologne…. 😉

Tuesday I decided to remain in my bed in order to get better but that didn’t happen. The longer I was in bed the worse I got… one week later the doc finally gave me antibiotics and then I started to feel better. So after two weeks I was able to get back to work. Tomorrow I am going to Paris on the trip that I was supposed to go on two weeks ago. Had to postpone a trip to Zurich too. I didn’t like any of this but if you are sick you are sick and there is nothing you can do about it… *sigh*