Whales, whales, whales

31/01/2015 0 Von andiline

Sorry for not continuing sooner but the reason is that the next day I took nearly 750 pics and it takes time to sort through them to select a few. And I didn’t have that time. Or better said: I did have a bit of time in between but preferred to spend it with the members of our group. So here are pics from the next day. As you can see it was lots of whales: razor-back whales, humpbacks and orcas…

We left when the day was dawning (the sun didn’t come up for another hour though).


Orcas mum with babyIMG_5233

Spy hoppingIMG_5307

And when he went down from spy-hopping more orcas came from behind himIMG_5308



And here the humpback is sneaking up from behind to UliIMG_5343

Humpbacl coming up feedingIMG_5479

Orca using his tail to kick the hering IMG_5513


This damaged orca kept swimming by our boatIMG_5573


Suddenly the light changed to a bit reddish… not sure why…IMG_5650

Humpback going downIMG_5661

Then the sun came out…IMG_5676

This orca was making some fuss next to our boat… IMG_5880

Not sure what part of him this is…IMG_5882

He swam by againIMG_5888

Came back and then we suddenly had lots of dead herring floating by…IMG_5891

Tobi and the orcas…IMG_5912

It was an exceptional day, the best day with whales that we had on our trip. I think we all returned with big smiles on our faces… And were looking forward to more days like this. Little did we know…