Trip to Andenes, Norway…

Trip to Andenes, Norway…

24/01/2015 2 Von andiline

Well, so yesterday I got up early and took the train to Frankfurt. In the train I met Jürgen who is one of the other persons in our group. From Frankfurt we took the flight to Oslo where we arrived late. Which made me a bit nervous since we had to go through customs with the luggage and then check-in again and go through security again. But we made it in time to find out that the flight to Tromso was delayed. So then it was a bit touch and go again but the flight from Tromso to Andenes was on time and it was no problem to get it. At the airport Matti was waiting for us. He brought us to our hotel and since the sky was clear we decided to go northern light chasing later in the evening. So I went to dinner with a dutch couple and then Uli came to get us for our chase. And we were lucky…. initially we saw only light green lights but they got stronger after one hour. While we were there more and more members of the group arrived and it was confusing to talk to people in the dark because you couldn’t see well who was who… 😉 We stayed for 2 hours and with -10° C that was enough for me…. 😀 Of course I would have loved to stay and watch all night but it was just too cold… Here are some pics:




So I finally went to sleep. Matti was supposed to come and get us at 9 so I had breakfast nd got ready but shortly before 9 he called to say that he would be late. Since I am sort of phone-central for our group in the hotel I had to let everyone else know. 🙂

By 9:45 AM we were all on the boat and Matti and Uli made the security sessions so we know how to behave on the boat and what we should absolutely NOT do. The sun was getting up (dawn took about 1.5 hours…) and we got out of the harbour. Not a lot of fun… We knew that it would be very windy but at least we tried. After about half an hour the first person got seasick and only Uli had spotted one whale further away till then. So the decision was to turn around and get back as it didn’t make a lot of sense to continue. So we were back at the hotel by 11:30. There were a couple of options what to do but I decided to walk around Andenes and take some pics around the area. Since it got dark again around 2 PM there was enough time to work on pictures and write a blog-entry. Currently it is snowing and still very windy so I guess I will be able to catch up on sleep tonight.;)

Here are some pics from Andenes:

IMG_5095 IMG_5099 IMG_5106 IMG_5149 IMG_5152 IMG_5169 IMG_5178 IMG_5180 IMG_5155