13/01/2015 0 Von andiline

I wish all of you a happy, healthy and peaceful new year! Actually for me it started rather quiet as I was preparing for my upcoming trip to Norway and planning another trip to Ireland at the end of April. But then last week came… I might not have to write it here but I was totally in shock about what happened in Paris. Not only because I have been there a lot over the past years. On friday I actually worried about my colleagues and I was more than relieved when both hostage situations were ended. Hopefully something similar will not happen again anytime soon (well, one CAN hope, right?). On thursday I went to the Cologne cathedral to attend a ponitifical mass for the carnivalists and it was interesting to see the new Cologne cardinal. He is a ‚kölsche Jung‘ (guy from Cologne) and it was amazing to see him on that occasion. Interestingly several carnival songs were sung because they are in the spirit of welcoming foreigners to our city. I loved it…. Here are some pics from that mass…

IMG_4845 IMG_4872 IMG_4901 IMG_4906 IMG_4908 IMG_4930 IMG_4939 IMG_4943