Christmas lights in Paris

05/12/2014 2 Von andiline

The trip to Paris was very tiring but on the other hand it was nice to see colleagues from all over the world again. One colleague from Switzerland had never been to Paris before so one evening we went sightseeing with him. Louvre and Notre Dame were the main things we wanted to show him. I have never been to the Louvre at dark before and I wished I had brought my tripod (but you can not do that when you are out and about with a group of people). Here are some pics from that evening so decide yourself. In addition I will attach some pics from La Defense where I went with a colleague from Toronto after work. The christmas lights in La Defense were absolutely stunning….

But to start there are some pics from sunday… Pont des Arts and Christmas Market on the Champs Elysees.

IMG_3601 IMG_3678 IMG_3694 IMG_3709 IMG_3756 IMG_3831 IMG_3839 IMG_3847

IMG_3865 IMG_3874 IMG_3891 IMG_3893 IMG_3924 IMG_3935 IMG_3989 IMG_4000 IMG_4022 IMG_4024