A globetrotter christmas tree…

27/12/2014 0 Von andiline

One of the things I always do on all my trips is to buy something for my christmas tree. I didn’t start this on purpose it was just the time of the year on my first trip outside Europe that they started to sell christmas deco in Seattle two or three days before I flew home. First I thought it would be nice to have something from Seattle on my tree. The year after I think I went to the Seychelles. And again it was the time of the year and before I flew home I bought coloured shells that were obviously christmas tree deco. Since I did the same thing ever since (it doesn’t necessarily have to be christmas deco) each year when I put up my christmas tree it is a mental trip around the world for me with memories coming up when I unpack the ornaments. I have a large selection of things from Mexico where they have beautiful ornaments (I even have a diver from there). In the US the use to have the christmas shops that are my favourite target if I see them… 😉 On my last trip I found a christmas shop in the duty free area of the airport in Sydney… not good for the weight of my carry-on luggage… 😉 But I have dried coconuts made into faces from Sulawesi, several Santas from Tahiti, christmas deco from Barbados, Scandinavian ornaments, beautiful glass balls from Vienna, Bonaire, the S. Juan Islands (with Orcas), New Orleans, Paris, Cologne and Dallas. Plastic balls from Argentina and Mexico. I even have cow that ‚mooooo’s and a snowman that says ‚Merry christmas‘ when you push a button. I put the shell-necklaces that I got in French Polynesia as well as elephant-keyrings from Thailand. And lots of other stuff… there are probably no two ornaments that are the same on my tree (OK, I think there are a few twice but never three of the same thing). And I have three nativity scenes: one from Mexico, one wooden one with the Cologne cathedral and one that consists entirely of ducks. Here are some pics….

IMG_4450 IMG_4457 IMG_4459 IMG_4471 IMG_4550 IMG_4562 IMG_4564