Playing around with my toy…

03/09/2011 0 Von andiline

Since I had to go to Zurich this week on a business trip I took my new toy with me. I have learned that it is easier to get it out in the open when going through security at the airport because on the screen they just see a big black ball…. and of course they want to know what it is. 😉 No problem… So on wednesday evening I went to take some pictures after work. Here are the results. 🙂


This one is my favourite so far…


While I was taking this one I heard people making ‚ah’s and ‚uh’s behind me. Since I had seen a bus of japanese tourist arrive I thought they were admiring the panoramic view. But when I turned around I looked into smiling faces. And instead of the view they were looking at me and my crystal ball… 😀


Took some ’normal‘ pics as well though.


This house burnt down two or three years ago. I am glad they re-built it as it had been before.