Couple of pics from Paris 2 weeks ago…

30/04/2008 0 Von andiline

I have been lazy the last two weeks since it was tooooo heavenly to be at home… now that I have to think about the next trip (going to Paris on sunday and on monday from there to Zurich) I finally downloaded the pics from the last trip. Will take more on sunday since I will have part of the afternoon for sightseeing before I have to be in the office on monday morning. *sigh*

Never had so many cushions in my bed in France (first time I stayed in that hotel):


View from my room the next morning:


The lobby….


Liked the mirror of the moon in the Grande Arche:


La Defense in the morning (or was it in the evening? – don’t really remember).


And this statue is close to Centre Pompidou at the Metro Station ‚Les Halles‘.