Pics, pics, pics….

20/04/2008 0 Von andiline

Well, been home nearly a week now and have heard that upon our return from Safaga another suitcase went missing (which got returned the next day). So I was happy my parents came to get me at the airport so I was home at midnight as it would have been much later if I’d gone with everybody else on the bus.

Had a busy week with the trip to Paris and then yesterday my dad’s 75th birthday. He didn’t expect to be going to Rome in 2 weeks… 😀

I spent today cleaning my dive-gear and washing. AND uploading pics. First I sent a link to the divers with the pics I had from us above and in the water. Then I started working on the missing Philippine-pics. Bohol is still missing, but Manila and Negros are uploaded. And Egypt above water will be uploaded in a few minutes…

Working on pics is much more fun than fighting moths. These creatures seem to love my living room. I’ve been fighting them for months but not really successfull. Today when I watered my plants they seemed to come back in clouds and I am sick and tired of them. I will have to replant all my plants soon… don’t really like having moths fly around me all the time. 🙁