Arrived in Safaga

07/04/2008 0 Von andiline

We arrived after a fairly quiet flight in Hurghada where a sandstorm made visibility rather bad. As soon as we were out of the plane we had sand in our mouths already. Couldn’t go to the hotel in Safaga directly since suitcases were missing. Turned out that on check-in they had been sent to Sharm El Sheik to where the plane was going afterwards. Bad thing was that important medicine was in one of the bags.

Haven’t seen much of the area yet and will go to sleep now since I have a very bad headache. The others are still over at the dive shop drinking a beer. We heard that due to the sandstorm the boats could not leave today but a very early boat with russians on board had already left Hurghada. The boat sank, everybody saved and the tale is that the 16 people were in a small boat with a bottle of vodka… 😀

Will not post much this week since internet is fairly expensive and I will most probably not have much time for posting anyway.