Off work again and on vacation *woohhhhooooo*

04/04/2008 0 Von andiline

*pppffff* Had a couple of hard days in the office but at least I was mostly at home since I came back from the Philippines. This will change in the next 2 weeks though. Monday morning we are going to Egypt in a group of 28 divers and we’ll be back the monday after. We arrive very late in the evening back home and then I have to unpack and repack immediately since I have to go to Paris the next afternoon. Will go by train this time though and will do so probably more often in the future. Flying to Paris is a nightmare (well, the airport is) and taking the Thaly’s train from Cologne to Paris doesn’t take much longer. The difference is maybe half an hour.

Now that my work day is over I can start thinking about Egypt. A friend told me this morning that Luxor (the valley of the kings) is within a day-excursion distance from where we’ll be. Since no dives are planned for our last day in Safaga I might ask if someone else wants to go. It means 10 hours in a bus though and another very strong ‚against‘ this plan are the news about accidents with the busses in Egypt since the drivers drive like madmen (last accident with 17 injured tourists was 2 days ago). So I don’t know. Might do a last dive on the house reef that morning instead. We will see. Only problem is that I need to decide if I take my DSLR camera with me or not. If I don’t go to Luxor I would prefer to leave her at home but if I go I want that camera…

And yeah.. I know that I can consider myself lucky that I don’t any serious problems. 😉