30/01/2008 0 Von andiline

Just came back from Zurich and I am sort of glad that our workshop next week will be in Cologne so I can stay at home next week… *wwoohhoo* Might be that I still have lots of leftovers after Carnival so at least I can eat them and don’t have to throw them away. One more day and when I wake up on thusrday morning, the carnival will already be there. I will hear the music while still in bed. Can there be a nicer way to start it all??? 🙂

From Zurich I brought you a few more pics. The first one is from yesterday from the top floor of our office building. There aren’t many days in which you can see the mountains that well. Today they were hidden in the clouds again but when I went to the office this morning (it’s a 20 minutes walk along the lake) the light was great for taking pics…