Next trip…

27/10/2007 0 Von andiline

Going to Zurich tomorrow. Unfortunately there is no flight in the morning which would have given me the time to go to the Zoo in the afternoon. As it stands I will arrive too late for taking pics (and I will be staying in the area where I always stay and have lots of pics from it anyway) so I will not even take the cam. Monday and tuesday is work and when I leave the office it will be dark 🙁

Thinking about the next vacations. Right now the most probably options are a dive trip to Egypt for a week in april and a trip to Thailand in March. I’ve been to Thailand before and when I went for the first time there were some things on my ‚to do‘-list left open. And it IS great diving there with great options for macro-photography like nudybranches. I am already in contact with the dive shop and Monique will send me links for guest houses so it will be much cheaper than staying in a hotel. I could go with one of the german tour operators again but those I know do not have Kamala beach in their catalogues and I did like that beach and Kamala a lot more than the small village I stayed in last time. Although I loved taking a tuk-tuk and go to Kamala… 🙂

Will continue to work on the pics for my homepage next week but first I had to prepare pics to send them to someone who needs them. So this is what I did all week after work….