Pics from French Polynesia

05/10/2007 0 Von andiline

Here are some more pics from French Polynesia. Most people don’t know that Moorea is in fact the remaining crater a vulcano. So when you are going to the interior you are suddenly in the middle of the crater with the walls of the crater surrounding you. Inside that crater there is a very fertile area which is why there are lots of agricultural areas. Here you see Ananas plantations:


Not sure how that flower is called but I did like it a lot!


Here we are in Raiatea again. This is my friend who lived between my bungalow and the next one…. 😉


Sunrise near the pool-area of the hotel.


And this is my bungalow in Fakarava (not the white building, the other one). Let me tell you a little bit more about Fakarava. Fakarava is only small and there can’t be more than a couple of hundreds of inhabitants. It is a very safe island so my bungalow didn’t even have a key. What I found there is that the houses do not have any glass windows. I don’t recall having seen even one window on the whole island. They just have wood in the window frames which are held open by sticks during the day and in the nights the sticks get removed and the windows are closed. Advantage of this system is that the houses are well ventilated.


Here are some dive-pics…. unfortunately the dive centre knew only two sites which I did both twice but that was it – didn’t go diving more (which I might have done under different circumstances).




On Fakarava there are hugs palm trees and I just loved them…. people on Fakarava are very friendly and I found very unspoiled, happy children there. E.G. in the house near my pension there was a little boy who always shouted ‚hello‘ to everyone who passed by and when you answered he would happily wave at you.


This is the pearl farm of my pension in Fakarava. This is what I saw when I opened my door in the mornings… 🙂


Here we are already in Papeete. I didn’t stay long in Papeete as there is really nothing interesting to see. I went to the market which is the only interesting thing in Papeete and did buy some souvenirs and presents for my mom and my sisters (sorry, dad, didn’t find anything which might have interested you… 😉 ).


And the last pic is Le Truck. These busses are the old ones drivingaround Tahiti. To me it looked like I was the only paying passenger on board… I saw nobody else pay the fare… Inside there are three wooden benches: left, right and in the middle. They not really comfortable but hey – who needs comfort when travelling by bus? 😉

So that was it for now….