On my way home

04/10/2007 0 Von andiline

Hello again. Just arrived in Tahiti from the island of Fakarava where I have been diving and doing nothing as there was nothing to do… 🙂 Will post pics tomorrow when I am in Santiago (hopefully). Haven’t prepared any pics for publishing.

Fakarava is just a small atoll and there is really nothing you can do all day except diving. I did like the dives but the dive center was not really what I would have liked it to be. The do destroy their beautiful reef but obviously don’t care much. We saw lots of sharks and even dolphins… in the coral gardens there were blue clouds of fish and it was rather impressing. They have only two dive sites though so two days of diving was enough as I did both sites twice….

Will get back to you once when I am in Santiago. Hope, LAN is not too much to late tonight….