Norway 2021 – Days 8-10

Norway 2021 – Days 8-10

01/01/2022 Aus Von andiline

So let’s do the next three days in one entry. Day 8 we had no whales at all. We had a beautiful tour with wonderful scenery but no whales. Instead we saw reindeer migrating. I would have loved to see them swim through the fjord but they were not there yet. In the evening it started to snow. We walked into Skjervoy to get some provisions (or was that the day before – don’t really remember). Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera as there was beautiful scenery with the snow coming down. Fortunately there are mobile phone cameras that nowadays take very good pics. 😉

Then the weather took a turn to the worse as it got very windy. So we couldn’t go out but the bad thing was that all boats came into the harbour so we lost our space at the pier and had to anchor in the harbour. Which made it difficult for us to leave the boat. So I have only a mobile pic of the northern lights that we saw from the boat. Putting up a tripod when the ship is moving does not really make sense. We spent our ‚free day‘ walking around Skjervoy again and that time I brought the camera. It is a nice little town but that is all one can say about it. Nothing exciting though. In the afternoon the capt’n filled the Hottub and warmed it up but I didn’t go in. I was already feeling a bit sick so I preferred not to go in in order to not make it worse.

Day 10 we went out again with the boat. And we had lots of whales – even the humpbacks had arrived. But on some pics you can see other boats. There were a lot of them – which is not really good. On one pic you can see lots of people in the water. While I can understand that people would love to experience seeing orcas in the water it is not really good for the whales when there are too many boats. My pictures from these 3 days are not really good as I had problems with the camera and it’s settings. Wasn’t happy with the camera but I guess part of the problem was behind the camera too. 😉

That evening I left the boat to sleep in a hotel. Did that for several reasons and for me this was the last time I went on a live-aboard. It is just not my thing. Got back on the boat for the whales the next day though.