Day 3 brought us back to the neighbour fjord which means 2 h trip one way. But before going over we had to wait for the smaller boat as our ‚breadbag‘ had fallen into the water that morning and Sven had to bring us new bred. Since Sven was driving the boat Uli Kunz, a marine biologist from northern Germany, handed over the bag.  It was windy and we were able to bring the zodiac again that day. Our snorkellers were able to go back in the water. We did have a big family of orcas and some humpbacks and the sun was giving another wonderful display in the sky. There is one pic with the label ‚Research‘ on the boat. l explain later who these guys are. After we came back from the day Uli gave us a one hour presentation of ocean life and that was really interesting. If you should ever see Uli coming near to where you live and give a presentation, just go.. ..;)  After dinner I went out again for northern lights but what I found was – a lot of stars… 😉