Singapore day 1

I started my trip yesterday with a funny encounter. When I boarded the train a nice young man asked if he could help me with the dive-bag. And then added ‚if someone is travelling with that … travel agency.‘ Since he obviously knew it (it is not in Cologne) we started to talk and it turned out that we have several common friends (not only in Cologne). Small world… 😀

Flight was uneventful but I didn’t sleep much although I was exhausted. After I arrived it took nearly one hour till my transport to the hotel was ready and then another hour till I could get into my room (which was generous as they let me into it at 10 AM which is really early). I wanted to sleep then but that was hard because in front of my room is a big construction site and they were very loud. In the end I used earpluggs. When I woke up 2 h later I went out for a short stroll which was not THAT short in the end. But I am close to a lot of the major sights so that was fine. At 6 PM I fell asleep again but only for one hour. I am trying to get into the rhythm now and keep jetlag to a minimum… 😉 Here are some pics from today. They are displayed in the wrong chronological order but that doesn’t really matter.

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