Yes, I know, Prague is still missing… the thing is that my mind was elsewhere over the past weeks. I am going to fly out to Indonesia soon and the first leg of the trip was supposed to be Bali. I had been looking forward to visiting Bali for nearly a year. But then two weeks ago a volcano started to rumble and has been threatening to erupt any minute ever since. The resort I had booked was evacuated and closed. So for the past weeks I didn’t really sleep, always thinking about what to do and waiting what was going to happen. Then this week I couldn’t stand it any more and I cancelled the Bali-part of my trip. I thought that since the resort is closed they would at least show a bit of goodwill towards the customers (who they can not accomodate anyway) but no… as much as I can understand that this is their life at stake I feel a bit ripped off. I know that this is not their fault but neither is it mine. So I am not happy that they made me pay a lot of money for services they are not even able to offer right now. I have learned from that and I have insurance for this kind of thing now (I didn’t know that coverage for natural hazards existed) because I DO have travel-insurance but it doesn’t cover something like this. Suffice to say that this resort will never be part of my travel plans ever again…

So instead I will stay in Singapore for a few days to do some geo-caching and take some night-pics. Maybe I will cross over to Malaysia for a half day tour… will see. Then I will fly on to Sulawesi where I will spend a week on the mainland before I head over to my ‚Lembeh-home‘ three days earlier than I had initially planned. I really do need a vacation now as the past weeks were not good for my health… Can’t wait to be back in Sulawesi… 🙂

EDIT: have to update the situation with the resort in Bali. There was an information that I didn’t know till yesterday: the resort in Bali had offered to postpone the entire vacation to next year so I wouldn’t loose any money. Unfortunately this is not an option with my financials right now. But I appreciate the offer. If I had had the money I would have taken them up on it. As it is I get a 50% of my paid vacation back and the rest is a credit for a vacation next year. So no ripping off. I just didn’t have all the information. 🙂

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